Protestant Church

Chronicle of the protestant congregation

Ever since July 13th, 1857 the protestant congregation of Kindsbach has been part of the parish of Landstuhl which was a subsidiary to the Spesbach parish. At that time the parish existed of merely two souls. This did not change considerably till well in the 20th century. Because of evacuees expellees the parish grew to over 200 members in the years after the 2nd world war. Therefore in 1947 a service every other week was establishes and finally a church was bulit.

The laying of the foundation stone took place in 1954. In 1951 minister Jacob became parish priest. On May 1st, 1955 the church was put into service. Until the completion the congregation had to come up with 89.688 German Marks in cash which at the time was an immense amount of moneny. At that time the parish existed of 450 members. On April 1st, 1956 a separate protestant parish Kindsbach was built as a susidiary to Landstuhl. The congregation was now able to govern itself with its own prebytery and accountant. The first presbytery consisted of:
1. Hauch Christian 2. Schurr Hans 3. Laufer Gustav 4. Gahn Otto 5. Müller Berthold. Since 1957 Ernst Stark has been the accountant.

In the same year Three of four intended bells were purchased. In 1958 the congregation was able to build an appartement for the verger and at the end of 1959 a parish hall was opened to the public. The first female verger was Charlotte Noras. The fouth bell sounded in 1962. Changes did not continue to be as fast paced in the following years. End of the 80´s the idea matured to aquire a wooden organ that should replace the electronic one. One May 14th, 2000 the new organ was played for the first time in service to praise the lord. All listeners agreed that the 140.000 German Marks were well invested.

Today about 550 protestant Christians live in Kindsbach in good understanding with their catholic brothers and sisters. In 1999 the foundation of an occumenical church choir in Kindsbach expressed this occumenical spirit.

Central office
Pfarramt Landstuhl-Stadt
Pfarrer Nils Urbatzka
Tel. 06371 2496

Church service and rental of the parish hall
Frau Ulrike Speyerer-Marx, tel. 06371 6 4717

Church services
every Sunday 10:30 a.m.
Service in the church, Marktstraße

Deputy chairman: Walter Wittenmeier
Tel. 06371 6 27 03

Ecumenical church choir
Choirmaster: Frau Glas-Lorenz, tel. 0631 1 24 63
Rehearsal Thursdays from 8:00 p.m. in the parish hall

06371 2496
Hirtenpfad 16
66862 Kindsbach
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  • Protestant Church